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Peter is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and, after more than 30 years as a dedicated State of Maryland employee, he retired in 2015. Peter was the Chief of information technology contracts management officeunder the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT),office of transportation technology services). In addition, for more than 18 years, he was the program manager for the MDOT resource sharing program involving fiber opticsand wireless communications towers and facilities. Under the resource sharing program, Peter created processes and standards for the program that generated more than $7 Million annually into the Transportation Information Technology Investment Fund, established by the Maryland General Assembly in 1996 under Senate Bill 217 immediately after the passage of the U.S. Telecommunications Act of 1996. The program also enabled the State to obtain Fiber optic cables to support statewide needed communication networks, including network Maryland. Peter created and chaired the MDOT Technology Vendors Day Program where IT firms met frequently to learn how to do business with the state and how to build partnerships with each other. Two years after retirement, Peter has decided that he wants to join the private sector as a small business owner. Peter believes in Partnership, Collaboration and Service to the Community.

Mr. Albert Annan
Vice President

Albert has 32 years of experience working in government procurement and 5 years as audit manager. A certified public accountant with an MBA, Albert brings to the team an in-depth knowledge of procurement issues and solutions Well versed in nuances of government procurement and socio economic demands, he has conducted leadership training seminars, supervised planning processes and managed and monitored several complex contracts.

Ms. Janice Montague
Qualifications Statement

Ms. Montague is an accomplished professional offering extensive expertise in government contracting, management of government-sponsored socio-economic programs, curriculum development and delivery, and policy analysis. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer capable of developing and delivering customized content in both classroom and web-based platforms. Her true strength lies in her commitment to delivering excellent customer service, and utilizing superior oral/written communication skills to manage projects efficiently. She is able to quickly create strong working relationships within a team environment and across all levels of organization. She currently maintains national certification as a public procurement professional through the Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP).