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About Us

Government contracting officials are responsible for utilizing public funds to purchase products and services required to achieve a number of objectives.To satisfy the needs of its internal clients, contracting officers must follow a complex set of laws, regulations, procedures and guidelines when expending public funds. Among other things, this is meant to ensure:

  • an open and fair competitive selection process, and,
  • that taxpayer dollars are leveraged to the maximum benefit of citizens.

How can we help?

For business seeking to compete successfully for government contracts:

Procurement Services Consulting LLC (PSC) offers a combined 70+ years of experience and insight that will significantly improve your company’s chances of success in government contracting, particularly local and state contracting. PSC stands well above the rest in it’s ability to quickly and efficiently increase your organization’s procurement knowledge base. We are able to address all major industry categories, with particular practical expertise in the areas of information technology, telecommunications, and professional services. We offer the following value-added competencies that are critical to your contracting success:

Value-added Competencies

Success here is broken down into two main components, procedural compliance and pricing/technical presentation.
If you have a group of individuals who need to learn basic procurement principals and processes, or you need refreshers/updates on certain targeted procurement topics, PSC is prepared to deliver customized, industry-specific procurement workshops for groups of ten or more.
Because programs such as minority, woman-owned, federal disadvantaged, small/local business, and veteran-owned business programs are many times required by government contracts, and because these programs can sometimes have complex procedural and administrative..
If you are a more experienced business with some measure of contracting success under your belt and just need to be updated on recent changes to processes and procedures, or you are a smaller business that needs a few hours of one-on-one time with experienced procurement..

For government agencies needing assistance

PS staff and sub-consultants have extensive, hands-on, current experience performing all aspects of procurement and contract management as described. Performance track records of all key staff are impressive both individually and collectively, and can easily be confirmed upon request. Government entities with a need for procurement-related assistance such as RFP/IFB development, temporary procurement staffing, employee training, or training related to MBE/DBE contract management should contact PSC to discuss how we might collaborate to fill those resource gaps quickly and effectively.